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Sheer Love Rwanda creates a space for children to explore different opportunities contributing to their success in school and real life. 

Computer Literacy


At Sheer Love Rwanda, we value the power of technology and where it is taking the world's future business. The children that we support have families with limited resources to provide education support to their children. The children get the opportunity to learn how to use a computer. This will enable them to complete their education with computer skills.  

Reading Program

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Learning goes beyond what the children learn from class and their teachers. To support the children at Sheer Love Rwanda better, Sheer Love Rwanda has set up a library. The children can explore beyond the class limits. In addition, it is a way for them to find their interests leading to their careers. The team help the children to learn reading and help them improve their English which is very critical to their success at school. 


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The children learn children's rights. We help them understand how they should be treated in their families and community. This helps them to be aware of child abuse in the family and they can speak for themselves before it gets worse. They also become aware of how to support their fellow children in the community.


They learn child responsibility and moral values that should guide them. As former street children, this is very helpful to them because they learn how to harmoniously live with their family members and friends in the community.

We provide leadership skills to children to prepare them to become future leaders of the community. The children also get a chance to practice their leadership skills by leading different activities.


Sheer Love Rwanda creates space for children to come and play different indoor games. Through games, the children develop skills including critical thinking, problem-solving, teamwork, and others that all make them succeed at school. 

Indoor Games


Every morning I see these children smiling, it makes me reflect and remember my life. It gives me the courage to do more and more. I was once like them. My best time in life is any time I step at Sheer Love Rwanda Learning Center. Amani

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