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Reading Program

At Sheer Love Rwanda Learning Center, we support the children to access reading and writing resources so that they can learn and explore beyond their class limits. 

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Learning goes beyond what the children learn from class and their teachers. To support the children at Sheer Love Rwanda better, Sheer Love Rwanda has set up a library. The children can explore beyond the class limits. In addition, it is a way for them to find their interests leading to their careers. The team helps the children to learn reading and help them improve their English which is very critical to their success at school. 

Not only the children read for educational purposes, but also for enjoyment. Our children love to explore the pages and understand other cultures as well as different views of the world. Reading is another way of developing their communication and writing skills. For example, they learn how to form sentences and understand specific phrases. 

We have developed a practice of our children reading aloud to one another. This is a confidence-building activity that gets the students ready for when they have to present in front of large audiences, whether in school or college. 


Every morning I see these children smiling, it makes me reflect and remember my life. It gives me the courage to do more and more. I was once like them. My best time in life is any time I step at Sheer Love Rwanda Learning Center. Amani

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