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Our Vision

Sheer Love Rwanda envisions a community where the children get the opportunity to go to school, have a supportive family, and a community that believes in them

Our Mission

  1. To provide resources that enable the reintegration of street children into the community,

  2. To empower families to provide a safe environment for children, 

  3. And to support their education.


How It All Began

"I am a true witness of how the life of a child on the street can change completely.

I see success in every child I see on the street"

Alexis Amani Simbayobewe (founder),  June 2019. 

Sheer Love Rwanda officially started on December 25, 2017, at a Christmas gathering. The founder, Alexis (Amani) Simbayobewe, used to share his special days and events with street children from the community. At this time, he realized that there was a need to have smiling faces in those children forever. He announced that they were going to start a program for those children so that in the future they could go to school. 


From Christmas 2017, Sheer Love Rwanda was born and continued to meet those street children every Saturday. At the first gathering which involved sharing snacks and chatting, they learned more about ethical behaviors and living a life that has a vision. Of course, the children did not accept it right from there; it took time and patience to come into their beliefs. Some of the children were staying on the streets, but with motivation and teaching about loving their parents and families, they were reunited to their with their parents or guardians. 



Today, Sheer Love Rwanda works with forty-four (44) children. Achieving this requires collaboration between local government, parents or guardians, and Sheer Love Rwanda.  As a result, the children have safe and supportive families, a community that values them, and they are pursuing their dreams through education. 

The children are now changing the narrative of street life. They are aspiring to become lawyers, teachers, doctors, engineers, and so many others. 

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