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Meet Consolee, dedicated to advocate for other children in her community

"I believe that I can advocate for the children, just life myself, those who have different challenges because of their families or the community. Also, I can suggest different ways that the government can use to help them." Consolee, after becoming the children coordinator in Nyanza Cell.

After becoming an orphan, together with her siblings, Consolee started living on the street. They used to sleep in neighbors' restrooms outside. It never be easy on the street, especially to get food. Most of their days, they would spend their time in the streets begging from everyone passing.

At the age of 13, Consolee had not started school. She had no hope for the future. In 2017, she joined Sheer Love Rwanda. Through her hardworking habits and courage to change her life, she is a good student.

"Sometimes, I just think about my life and see where I was in the past. What makes me very strong is that I cannot see the difference between me and the rest of the class." Consolee.

Today, Consolee is a young lady who is ever excited to learn and help others learn. She has a big dream of becoming a medical doctor and everyone around her has no doubt about it. She works hard towards her dream. She is ever smart and has become a great example of what a good student should be. Most of her teachers regard her as an example for other children. She loves reading and exploring beyond the limits of her classroom.

Consolee's courage and determination is fueled by her love of doing extra curriculum activities with her peers. She participates in different sports and games at Sheer Love Rwanda. The most favorite activity is traditional dance. Not only that she can dance, but can teach others to dance. During free time, she brings her friends together and teaches them traditional dance moves.

Her leadership starts from classroom and now beyond that. She is children coordinator in her community. She believes that it is an honor to her to stand for other children.

"Every day, I would see children going to school when I was a street child and become very sad. I wish that every child on the street can also go to school." Consolee's wish.

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