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Our scholarship Program Keeps the child safe in school and provides health insurance, meals, and access to our learning center.

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Why Scholarship Program

In the year 2018, we discovered that most of the children on the streets of Kigali have both parents or either of the parents and very few are total orphans.


Regardless of the different reasons these children found themselves on the streets, they all have one thing in common. They do not have a chance to go to school which leaves them with no hope to change this narrative. 


What Our Scholarship Offers

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The solution; Providing the children with tuition, scholastic materials, and solid meals would not only help them achieve their dreams but likely to keep them in families leaving the streets.

With our full scholarship program, the child gets full tuition, and scholastic materials like books, pens, and school uniforms. On top of that, the child gets a daily solid meal at school, an academic advisory, as well as access to our learning center 6 days a week.

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