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Our Scholarship Program
We invest in the future of children by supporting their education. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide resources to reintegrate Rwandan street children back into their local community through education assistance, academic mentorship, and family empowerment and training.

Our Vision

Sheer Love Rwanda ensures that no street child is left behind; instead, they thrive in a nurturing environment, empowered by education and a supportive community. With these foundations, they realize their full potential and emerge as meaningful contributors to their communities.


"I am always happy when I come to Sheer Love Rwanda. I am able to play with other children and our leaders. I am thankful for having the chance to read and learn English" Teta Phoibe

Our Impact Solution

Reintegrating our children is only half of the challenge. By also training and supporting their immediate family and guardians, we prevent the children from returning to the street. 

What Makes Us Proud


At Sheer Love Rwanda, we are proud to see our children pursuing their dreams through education.  


We believe our future needs leaders. We provide space for children to learn and apply their leadership skills.


Through games, the children improve their critical thinking, collaboration skills, and teamwork. They develop self-confidence and trust in themselves as they complete games. 

All children deserve a safe place where they can live and thrive. We support their parents to provide families that are supportive of their children's education and well-being. 

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44+ Children Enrolled

Our Impact

Over 300 family members receive health Insurance

39 enrolled in empowerment program

Support Our Programs


At Sheer Love Rwanda, we support children's education as the best investment we can make in their lives. At our learning center, the children receive coaching and other academic support while attending local schools with other children in the community. 

A supportive environment for the children is essential to their success. Sheer Love Rwanda empowers families to become the best places where children can live and pursue their dreams. Under empowerment programs, the parents learn skills that turn them into our partners in the journey of the children. 

At Sheer Love Rwanda, the children participate in different enrichment activities. Activities ranging from sports to indoor games help them develop skills including proper ethical communication, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, and many others. 

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