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Computer Literacy


At Sheer Love Rwanda, we value the power of technology and where it is taking the world's future business. The children that we support have families with limited resources to provide educational support to their children. The children get the opportunity to learn how to use a computer. This will enable them to complete their education with computer skills. 

The use of computers allows our children to research the things they have learned at school, as well as creating research projects of their own. These are tools that are beneficial to our children in their development as they progress toward college.


Our students are able to explore their interests in relation to what they enjoy as well as their future careers. This has expanded their way of thinking. Some of them have changed their careers after exploring and learning more about different careers that exist. Sometimes, our children do not think beyond what they can see, however, the internet opens up a wealth of opportunities in career paths.

Computers and the internet give opportunities to learn through other programs and also give the children access to learning materials outside the children. Our students are therefore able to increase their levels of independence learning. 

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