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The empowerment Program equips the parents with skills to strengthen family relationships and create financial stability

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Why Family Empowerment

More than 95% of the parents in Sheer Love Rwanda programs did not get a chance to receive basic education. Genocide against Tutsis in 1994 in Rwanda interrupted their education while others did not go to school due to poverty. Our program starts with helping these parents understand the role of education in the success of their children. Our success become turning these parents into collaborators in the journey of the children's success. 


Sheer Love Rwanda envisions a community whose children get the opportunity to live in a family and pursue their dreams. Family empowerment programs support parents to learn different skills that help them to create solutions to the problems they meet and improve their financial ability to provide for their family

We offer a space for opportunity at Sheer Love Rwanda designed to help them learn different skills to improve their families. They learn proper parental skills, financial literacy, conflict management, and dealing with trauma-related issues. 

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