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The purpose of our mentorship program is to build resilience in our children, to support them through past traumas, and focus on their future. 

We support with the following; 

1. One to One mentoring sessions

2. Group mentoring sessions

3. Peer mentoring sessions


As members of staff, we teach the children about their rights and help them understand how they should be treated in their families and community. This helps them to be aware of child abuse so that they can speak for themselves before it gets worse. They also become aware of how to support their fellow children in the community. Within the community, there are trusted local leaders so the children can report abuse. These leaders are equipped on how to support the children and families when they receive reports of abuse.  


Throughout the mentorship program, students learn about their responsibilities and moral values to help guide them. As former street children, this is very helpful to them because they learn how to harmoniously live with their family members and friends in the community.

We provide leadership skills to children to prepare them to become future leaders of the community. The children also get a chance to practice their leadership skills by leading different activities.

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